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Graasten castle
Public access to the castle church

OwnerState of Denmark since 1921
Build1700 by Frederik von Ahlefeldt
1725-1852Duke of Augustenburg
1852-1865Duke King of Denmark
1865-1921Duke of Augustenburg

1845🙋H.C. Andersen: The Little Match Girl,
written on a cold November day in the castle garden

Sønderborg castle
Public access to the historical museum

OwnerState of Denmark since 1921
Built1400 by the Duke King of Denmark
1571-1622Duke of Sønderborg Hans the Younger
1622-1667Dukes of Sønderborg
1667-1764The Dukes King of Denmark
1765-1852The Dukes of Augustenborg
1852-1881Dukes King of Denmark, Prussian state
1881-1921The Dukes of Augustenborg

Augustenborg castle

Public access to the castle church

OwnerState of Denmark since 1921
Built1651/1774 Duke of Augustenburg
Descendant of King Chr. III
1651-1852Dukes of Augustenburg,
ancestral home of german Empress Auguste Victoria
1852-1881Dukes King of Denmark, State of Prussia
1881-1921Dukes of Augustenburg

Glücksburg castle
Public access

OwnerDuke of Schleswig-Holstein-
Sonderburg-Glücksburg since 1871
Built1587 Duke Hans of Sønderborg,
son of King Chr. III
1587-1622Duke Hans of Sønderborg
1622-1779Dukes of Glücksburg
1779-1825Dukes King of Denmark
1825-1850Dukes of Glücksburg
1850-1871Dukes King of Denmark, State of Prussia

Gottorf castle
Public access

OwnerFederal state Schleswig-Holstein,
State museum since 1948
Build1161/1492-1530 by catholic church
1161-1268Catholic church
1268-1460Dukes of Schleswig
1460-1544Dukes king of Denmark
1544-1720Dukes of dukedom Gottorf
1720-1864Dukes king of Denmark
1867-1945State Preussen, German empire

Fjordvejen Apartments Rental
Private - no castle

Sovereigns of the Tønder district
1231-1326Dukes after King AbelRoskilde
1326-1459Dukes of Schauenburg/HanoverGottorf
1460-1481Duke King Christian ICopenhagen
1482-1533Duke King Frederik IGottorf
1533-1544Duke King Christian IIICopenhagen
1544-1581Duke Hans d. ÄlereHaderslev
1581-1713Dukes of GottorfGottorf
1713-1864Dukes King of DenmarkKøbenhavn
1867-1920Lord President of S-H/PrussiaGottorf
1920Kings of DenmarkCopenhagen

From 1231 to 1864 the area was in the Duchy of Schleswig, Amt Tondern (until 1852),
Lundtoft Harde. Gottorf Castle was the seat of government for 300 years.
The Schauenburgers were granted Holstein by Emperor Lothar III in 1111.
In 1326 they received the Duchy of Schleswig as a fief from King Valdemar III.
Queen King Frederik X is a descendant of King Christian I (1426-1481).
The Schauenburger Duke Gerhard VI of Schleswig was his grandfather.
In the male line, Christian I is descended from the Oldenburgers near Bremen,
Count Dietrich was his father, Count Christian his grandfather.
The current Danish royal family is known as the Oldenburg line.

The Oldenburg name Christian is still used as a royal name and alternates with the
Brandenburg name Frederik. Frederik/Friedrich is derived from the ancestor Elector Friedrich I of Brandenburg (1371-1440). His granddaughter Dorothea of Brandenburg was the wife of Christian I and Queen of Denmark.

Feodora chocolate
Feodora Princess
of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg
is the namesake of the fine chocolate.

Empress Auguste Victoria, Feodora's older sister,
determined the yellow color of the packaging to this day.

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